What to Wear in Vegas: Pt. 1

WTW Pt. 1

You’re headed to Vegas next month, right? Have you started packing yet? Maybe not. But we’re betting you’ve DEFINITELY shopping… or at least perusing your closet–and maybe your best friend’s–for those “can’t leave home without” pieces. Before you get too far into the prep and planning, we wanted to let you in on three key things sure to be found in Sin City this year. 


No, really, EVERYTHING. Tops, bottoms, bags, booties, belts, earrings and accessories of absolutely every kind can (and will) be found in snakeskin. And the great thing about snakeskin? It’s super versatile and adds just the right amount of posh and polish. Dress up a funky graphic tee with a snakeskin maxi skirt for a fun shopping look during the day. Pair a snakeskin top or bodysuit with your favorite denim for a sassy night out look. Or take your favorite pair of snakeskin shoes and pair them with a head to toe black to give an extra bit of “pop” to a classic, yet statement style. 

Sequins {for you & your mini}.

You know one of our favorite parts about Vegas fashion? There’s really no such thing as “too much”. Girl, if you love it and it makes you feel beautiful, you wear it and you shine BRIGHT under those big city lights. Sequins {can} have a reputation for being a little “too much” for the hometown post office and grocery store runs–shoot even for the hometown Saturday night rodeo. But for the NFR? Nope, no such thing. So you pack all the sequins your little heart desires. And pack some for your sweet lil mini, too. 😉 

BA Backpacks. 

You read that right. B.A. BACKPACKS. It seems like fashion bags seem to go in cycles–much like fashion trends–and we are A-Okay with backpacks coming back around. These backpacks, though, are WAY cooler than the ones of our youth. These come with tooling and textures and can be customized to match our very own personal {western} style. 

Well, we’ve given you three good options to consider adding to your own style lineup in this What to Wear in Vegas: Pt. 1 blog… Which one is your favorite? Which one can you live without? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for Pt. 2!