What to Wear in Vegas: Pt. 2

What to Wear in Vegas: Pt. 2

As promised, we are following up our What To Wear in Vegas: Pt. 1 with a What To Wear in Vegas: Pt. 2–revolutionary titling at work there, right? But the title isn’t what packs the punch, so hang in here with us… In Pt. 1, we talked all about snakeskin, sequins and backpacks. Today, we’re hitting some high notes on accessories, everyone’s favorite color–black, and booties (of course). So… 

STATEMENT. Accessories. 

Statement Accessories

One of the BEST parts about western fashion is that we have our very own defining “western” accessories. Cowboy hats, turquoise, Navajo pearls, wild rags… you name it! So many beautiful, defining accessories in our culture. And I can assure you that you’ll see plenty of all of those things in Las Vegas this year. Why? Because they’re timeless. If you don’t have some in your bag, it’s not too late though. 😉 

Based in Black.

It feels like we are seeing more black-based styling this year than in the recent past years… Maybe it’s just us? I mean, it’s black, so it’s always been a thing… but this year we’re seeing it in various shades–charcoal, tobacco, slate, true black, vintage black… and we’re not sad about it. Keep it casual during the day with a retro-inspired black tee or puffer vest, and then dress it up at night with a fringed cardigan or iconic leather jacket. 

BA Booties. 

Clearly we couldn’t conclude a “what to wear” mini series without touching on some footwear, right? Last week we had BA Backpacks–this week, we have BA BOOTIES! Back before stylish western booties became a thing, it seems like you had to rack your brain on what all shoes to bring to the NFR each year. Now? Don’t sweat it. Find a pair of booties that you LOVE and then feel to wear them with absolutely everything. That’s exactly what we plan to do. 😉 

We sure hope you’ve gotten (at least) a little inspiration out of our What to Wear in Vegas blogs. The clock is winding down and it’ll be here before we know it. And then just like that, it’ll be gone again. So, don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to packing. Pick your favorite things, put them on, and go have yourself a good time. We hope to see you out there!