Vegas Packing 101: Tips & Tricks To Get To & From Sin City

So we’re headed to Vegas… maybe three days, maybe ten. Regardless, we’ve got to pack. And let’s be honest, Vegas during the NFR is one of the ONLY times in a 365 day period that we are free to wear all of our favorite pieces–old and new–and not have to worry about being “overdressed” or “too much”.

To help maximize our luggage space and “success” in the packing department, we reached out to our All Things Western community over on Facebook and asked for their best packing practices. Here’s hoping it’s as helpful to you as it has been to us–and here’s hoping we see you in Vegas!

Space Saving:

  • -Roll clothing (instead of folding) to avoid wrinkles and stuffing things inside of shoes are both great ways to save on space.
  • -Use sample sizes in place of full-size toiletries to reduce weight. 
  • -At least 10 people were major fans of Packing Cubes–we haven’t personally tried them, but if the hype is true, they’re a game changer. 
  • -Wear your heaviest shoes and outerwear on the plane to avoid taking up precious packing space in your bag. 

Jewelry Care Hacks:

  • -Sticky bubble wrap is GREAT way to pack jewelry to prevent things getting broken or pieces getting tangled together!
  • -For dainty necklaces that tangle easy, string the chain through a straw and clasp it to keep the chain from tangling. 
  • -If fancy jewelry storage isn’t really your thing, a wild rag and a tupperware container is a great alternative. 

General Travel: 

  • -If something is delicate or white, fold it and put it in a gallon zip-lock to avoid color transfer stains from other items or snags if TSA searches your bag.
  • -Take some extra time and plan your outfits in advance to avoid bringing along unnecessary items that won’t get worn–you’ll thank yourself later! But no harm in a “back-up” outfit in case of a wardrobe malfunction or change of heart. 😉 
  • -Duffle/soft-shell type luggage tends to hold more than hard case luggage.
  • -Always carry-on your valuables! Even though the jewelry might be heavy, it’s worth it in the long run to not have to worry about it getting stolen or broken if your bag gets checked. 
  • -Take a trash bag to put all the dirty clothes in for your return trip. 
  • -Pack all liquids and/or toiletries (a few mentioned makeup palettes, as well) in zip lock bags–even in your checked luggage. You never know when things could shift or air pressure could get the best of them, and it’s never ideal to be sending things to the cleaners when you’re needing to wear them that day. 
  • -Be sure to download your airline’s travel app. It’s way easier to have your flight info in one place than have to scroll through emails trying to find what you need.
  • -Save a little room for a travel steamer–it ALWAYS comes in handy!

If All Else Fails:

  • -Have your significant other take the biggest suitcase they will allow so that you can “borrow” their extra packing room.  
  • -Pack minimal, bring your denim and layering staples, and shop all the best spots at Stetson Country Christmas and Roper Cowboy Marketplace
  • -Cop a ride for your duds in rig with a little extra room for stackable storage totes. 

Happy packing and traveling! Have some other good packing tips that need to be here? Drop them in a comment below. 

Photo Credit: Pistols & Petticoats