Updating on a Budget with Designers Brew

A few quick tips for updating your home on a budget.

Today I’m going to tell you ten tips that help me update my personal home without spending a fortune! These are quick and easy tips for the most part and they really help me fall back in love with my surroundings when I take the time to do this. I tend to really dive into these little nuggets about four times a year and do minor tweaks to make our home seasonally appropriate without spending a ton of money or time; two of which don’t seem to be laying around in copious amounts.

  1. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE SISTA: A literal deep clean and diving into organizing drawers, cleaning out the fridge, picking up the clutter that seems to collect overtime, getting that spot of the grout, or wherever your problems pile up – DO THAT! It truly does something to my psyche and I feel like I have my *%^$ together! 
  2. BURN A CANDLE: Girlfriend is there anything more inviting than walking into someone’s home and a warm cozy candle is smelling up the place! Finding your home’s signature scent is something I think is important. It’s like the girl version of your cattle brand. You know, “trust your neighbor but brand your cattle” kinda deal! Claim your space!
  3. PULL AND REARRANGE: I may be in the minority but I love to rearrange my space. I normally don’t buy a single thing, but every so often I’ll pull ALL of my art off the walls and all of my accessories to the center of the room and then I’ll access the blank space and shake it up a bit!  I’ll move my arrangements around to different rooms, swap chairs around, change which pillows and throws I am using, picture frames, etc. This makes me feel like I’ve totally revived my space without spending a dime! Have fun with this! And pro tip – just incase you pull it all and can’t figure out how to put it back, take a picture first!
  4. PRO TIPS: Go big or go home! If you have a giant wall buy the BIGGEST piece of art you can for that wall instead of little things. Collages work but you have to be careful and you can’t have them on more that one wall as a general rule! Found objects can work also to take up large space such as mounts, chaps, vintage windmills, or other items that may speak to your personal style or heritage. Don’t be afraid to dig in grandpa’s barn for your next greatest showpiece. Now this could go epically wrong, and in that case, don’t tell anyone you read that tip here. BUT let’s say you really knock one out of the park doing this,  I’ll be happy to say I gave you that little nugget of advice. 
  5. COLLECT THINGS YOU LOVE: Don’t rush. Slow and steady wins this race. You can not have a “collected home” if you go to Homegoods and buy it all when you move in. These are not the homes you go in and ponder the story behind the scene. You know what I’m talking about.  When you walk into Wanda’s pad and she seems so cultured because she has such unique pieces! I promise Wanda didn’t do that in a day.
  6. SCAVENGER HUNT: Now this is NOT for everyone!  BUT if garage selling, Ebay buying, estate sale scavengering IS for you… you will have a blast collecting things you love over time! I encourage you find a couple estate sale companies you like and start following their sale ads! In the Oklahoma City area I personally love Vincent Estate Sales and Blondies! I live for a good estate sale! It’s one of my favorite pastimes with girlfriends to grab a bougie coffee and hit an early sale. Also Swap meets can be absolute life!  ou might find live chickens, valuable china, ghetto street tacos, or absolutely nothing. There’s no guarantee to this. It’s basically like a gambling addiction. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you don’t. I once found a king size mustard yellow velvet tufted headboard for $5.00. I only allowed myself to take $20 to the swaps at that time in my life and I had already spent my wad. So I went to my car and scrapped up $3.75 in change and the seller took it. And somehow, with three girls in my Jeep Cherokee, we fit a king size headboard in that thing and promptly drove home with it! That was in my early twenties and I still love to think of that day and that find.   
  7. ART: Art isn’t everyone’s thang. But it sure is mine! Once you find some that speak to you start collecting! You’ll be hooked. I’m not at the level to spend $30,000 on a piece so I scavenger a lot of sources to find artists that are affordable. They are out there! You may find luck at local shows. In our area I never ever miss Red Earth. It’s a native American art show every June. It’s an annual event for me and I save money to attend. You get to know the artists and look forward to seeing them. It is such a fun process. Many of them have original pieces for near the same money as a decent framed print. Sometimes prints can be a way to get started. If you are new to this, you may see “Giclee Prints” advertised and this is good! It’s a special coating on the print to make it look very close to an original painting. Finding an artist you like can be much like falling for a musician you love. You may love their first album but their second album doesn’t speak to you. Artists evolve and change with their lives and surroundings and their work reflects this in my experience, which is so cool. So, you may always be a collector or you may love their early work and not their later. And that’s ok.  
  8. RUG 101: There are so many ways to attack this section of our homes. I remember walking into a lady’s home once and she was an avid rug collector. Her rugs were her ART. None of them were the size needed for the space but she layered them in such a classy way. It was eclectic but so classy. I remember in that moment I was also going to be a rug collector. And let me tell you, I have a golden retriever that often comes inside, as well as a two, four and six year old and an occasional mini pony, so spending a ton on rugs is just something I do not do. Ebay my friends. Find an estate sale close out on Ebay and follow that! You can find real gems for under $500! Layer them over sisals if you need to for size. Layer hides with them. The best part to colorful vintage rugs is – Kool-Aid spills will still be camouflaged. If you are kind of creeped out by vintage rugs that’s ok! Ruggables can be a great option. They look nice and are washable. They hold up well! If neither of those suit your fancy, check out www.rugstudio.com This is my go to site because they sell ALL price points, brands and sizes. I love to filter by color, price point, size, etc.  
  9. WHERE TO SHOP: Google shopping is my best friend! People repeatedly ask where I find stuff, and I have a visual in my head of what I’m looking for and I search all different words to find it thru Google shopping. When you are on Google you may not know you can search “all, images, shopping” tabs below and that will help you get on the right track! I shop the world literally thru Google.  
  10. PLAN A PARTY: There is no better way to light a fire under your buns than creating a deadline! Plan a dinner party. Plan a birthday party. Plan a date night at home. Plan something you’re excited about and get to decorating my friend.  
  11. LASTLY: If you’re not into any of this but want the results, you should call Designer’s Brew. We love to do this for you guys!  


Brett M.

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