Sweetheart of the Rodeo: Western Runway Report

Rodeo Quincy | Western Runway

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Hey, everyone! Welcome to Western Runway Report—today is the second day of our segment and we are so thrilled to be here! We’re the team behind Western Runway magazine—Ashley Alderson, Tiffany Cooper and Jessie Jarvis. Throughout the next ten days you’ll be seeing quite a bit of us, as we put a fashionable spin on what you normally watch here on Western Sports Roundup. 

In case you’re just joining us for the first time today, the purpose of this segment is to celebrate western fashion (for both men and women), guide you through some of life’s apparel challenges, and hopefully, teach you a couple of things you may not have known! At the end of each day’s segment, we’ll also have a big giveaway that you can enter—so even if western fashion isn’t your thing, that’s reason enough to keep watching! 

Today’s episode is the best of all worlds because we get to combine tack and apparel, featuring some of our favorites from Rodeo Quincy! One thing we love about Quincy Eldridge and her designs is that although they’re modern and fun, the foundation of all pieces gives a nod to western heritage, rodeo romances, and scenes from the Old West. 

We’re going to start off with a couple of Quincy’s tack pieces! This is one of Quincy’s breast collar designs. It’s called the Bonita Billie Breast Collar. It’s got a gorgeous rose pattern, long fringe and a coin detail in the center. Something like this is the perfect gift if you’ve got a horse-crazy girl in your family, and we know that many of you do! 

We also have the Black Coin Split Ear Headstall. This design is quite a bit more traditional and as you can see it’s got a significant nod to a traditional vaquero design, which we love. It also comes in brown, as well as a brown, browband version, as well. 

As for apparel, we’ve Ella Rose Jean. Quincy’s designs have a lot of Spanish influence, especially roses, which make these more than just the average boyfriend jean. If you’re someone who isn’t a big fashion risk-taker but wants to step out of your comfort zone, a jean like this is perfect because they can be worn with anything you’ve already got in your closet, and they’re a looser fit, so they look good on any body type! 

Rodeo Quincy | Western Runway

Today’s giveaway is for a pair of Rodeo Quincy’s exclusive Ella Rose jeans! 

You have 24 hours to enter, and we’ll be announcing the winner for this, and all of our Western Runway Report Giveaways on December 16! If you’re here in Vegas, or will be headed to Cowboy Christmas to shop, Rodeo Quincy has two booths, one downstairs and one upstairs in the RMEF Expo Show! 

Thanks for tuning in to today’s Western Runway Report! You can catch us back here for tomorrow’s segment on “How to Incorporate New Styles in Your Wardrobe”