Rodeo So Glam

Rodeo Glam is back in Vegas!

It’s that time of year again, and this year is even bigger than the last because the National Finals Rodeo has made it back to the lights of Las Vegas!

There has been so much excitement with rodeos’ ten biggest days making its appearance back at the Thomas and Mack this year, along with months of preparation for the western fashion industry. Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing more fun than getting all dolled up and seeing what everyone else has put together for their NFR wardrobe- but we can’t forget about the hair and makeup glam behind all of these looks as well.

I’m here to talk about what we may be seeing more of this year than last when it comes to NFR glam in viva Las Vegas

First up – Glitter, glitter everywhere
Bet ya saw that one coming too, didn’t ya? Not only has glitter, or shimmer, been making its rounds back around in the makeup industry this year, it is such a simple yet bold way to change up your look. While glitter alone may be intimidating due to its known nature for being difficult to not only clean up but to keep in a place where you want it, I have a couple of tricks you can use to ensure that even the finest glitter you apply will stay right where you put it.
FOR EYES, I highly recommend using a liquid shimmer that you can apply straight from the tube with the applicator but if that’s not the case be sure to set your eye with a concealer right before application. This will help keep the loose glitter in place as well as make it last throughout the night. The concealer will also create a base that helps the glitter of choice perform better meaning stands out better than directly applied to your skin.
FOR FACE, using a face oil on the high points of your face, as if you were to be applying your highlighter, and then placing your glitter over it, will have the oil acting as a “glue”. For this process, be sure that you use a small amount of oil as you don’t want the glitter to slide and sluff off of your face!
FOR LIPS, using a fine glitter on your lips is best so it feels more natural and you will have less fallout. Here is where
you will want to use glue, an eyelash glue (Duo Lash Glue), an actual glue that is intended for your face, not just any Elmer’s glue from the junk drawer. But, just like you want your eyelash glue to become slightly transparent and tacky
before you would apply your lashes, you want the same for your lips. First, apply the lash glue to either your upper or lower lip, applying it to only one makes the application process so much easier. Once you see it start to become tacky, pour some of the glitter out into the palm of your hand and “kiss” it gently so it sticks! Once it’s dry, do the
same to your other lip. Don’t worry if glitter gets outside of your lips – once your lips are completely dry you can wipe any excess off with a makeup brush!


Statement Lip, yes a glitter lip too, but make a statement with a bold lip color


Are nude lips a thing of the past? No. Not, but when it comes to

events like this, many gals are leaning towards a statement lip over a statement eye look and while red lips have always been a statement for nights in Vegas, I am thinking more of purples, oranges, and even black. Again, with this dramatic of a lip, you want to be sure to balance it out with a more natural eye look so you don’t feel overwhelmed with your glam, but a statement lip is as simple as finding a color that you are wanting to try and buying it along with a matching lip liner! The liner will help keep your lips in place all day or night while making your appearance at social events, but it will also ensure that there is no bleeding of color outside of your lips! Which, with something as bold as black, you want to be sure it is staying in place. Coordinate your lip color with your outfit, you can accessorize with your hair and makeup – they are the best accessories to any look you are putting together this year!

Sleek hair, like the pin straight shiny hair – that hair
Yes – we will be seeing full luscious locks that are teased and sprayed for days, but the sleek hair look is in and is a trend that has been making waves. The goal of this look is to create straight, mirror-like shiny hair. All it takes to achieve this look is a quality straight iron and a couple of styling products, keeping your NFR packing as limited as possible when it comes to the cosmetics section of your suitcase! You will want to create this look on hair wash day when your hair is as clean and silky as possible. While limiting heat exposure on your hair is the goal, the fast-paced environment of Vegas makes it difficult to do so by air-drying your hair completely, so a blow-dry is your next step. Blow out your hair as straight as possible by blowing downward with the cuticle of your hair and brushing it along with the blower. Once your hair is dry, straighten each layer with your straight iron. Once finished, you will then create the “sleek” look by using a modest amount of hair oil (Rejuvenique OIl) from your ears down! When the oil has absorbed, finish your look with lightweight hairspray and you will then see what I meant by “mirror” like hair glossy hair. This style is great for a few days as well as worn with your cowboy hat. Just add more hair oil as needed to freshen up your ends!

While these are trends that stood out to me, and ones I have already seen make their appearance throughout several western fashion looks and glam this year, whatever you decide to wear, make sure you are comfortable. Have fun with it! I know I am my most confident and authentic self when I’m comfortable in my pieces and my hair and makeup. Take a day or two before you head to Vegas to try out some of these trends and fun new looks!

We can’t wait to see what you all bring to Vegas this year.