Rachel Joi’s Most Requested DIY, Ever!

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

Hey guys!! 

First off, I thought I would introduce myself to y’all! I’m Rachel McGinn, also known as Rachel Joi (pronounces joy not jo) over on Instagram. I like to dabble in all the things, from cooking & cleaning, to cheap DIY decor tips, fashion, beauty, braids, leather, all the mom things, ranching, gardening, etc….the list goes onnnnnn. My mind is always going 90 miles a minute and twenty different directions at all times. It gets a little crazy.

I’m a ranch wife in west Texas, raising twin boys and married to my rancher/musician husband, Zack. Anyway, I feel like that’s more than enough about me right now, if you want to see more on me follow me on Instagram (@racheljoi).

Now, onto my most requested DIY, EVER! I literally posted this once in my stories, over 3 years ago (before saved stories and highlights were a thing), and somehow people remember and always ask how I did it. I’ve finally wised up, and instead of having to write a long drawn out post to each person that asks I can just direct them over to this blog post. Without further ado here is the most requested DIY I have ever had!

It’s all about these $3 giant photos I had at my wedding. They’re cheap, beautiful, and make huge statement pieces! They made it through my wedding and are now decorations in my house.

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

In this tutorial, I did an updated version of it, to ensure that you could still make these prints. We’re in luck, because you can! This time, I did things a little bit different than the ones I did for my wedding. It’s a bigger print, and I framed it–so it was a little more costly–but they’re still under $35 bucks for a huge statement piece, which is quite the deal. 

Step 1.

Pick out the photo(s) you’re wanting to use. I’ve only done these prints in black & white (to do a color option it will be a couple bucks more, and I’m not positive how great the quality is). For today’s post, I used this photo I took of my husband. 

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

Step 2.

Head on over to Office Depot & follow these steps:
-Click on side menu, ‘Services’
-Print Services
-Document Printing 
-Select the size you want (for this print I selected 24”x36” black & white, for my wedding photos they were 18”x24”)
-Upload your photo & checkout 

I did local pickup & it was ready a couple of hours later, but you can have it shipped to you as well.

Step 3. 

Go to your local craft store (I used Hobby Lobby), and buy these products:

Foam poster board with the sticky application on them 
(make sure to buy the appropriate size for your print, because there are a lot of different size options). 

Step 4. 

(IF you want to frame it. For my wedding, I did not frame them I just glued them onto the poster board & hung with fishing line–so feel free to skip this step if desired.) 

-Choose a frame for your print (according to size).
I went with open framing from Hobby Lobby, which means no glass, or backing, but it is a lot cheaper! And I think still has the same, jawdropping look. 

I went with this 24”x36” barn wood frame. It’s $39.99 online but Hobby Lobby has its framing 50% off for 3 weeks out of the month; so I recommend buying it on one of those 3 weeks and it’s only $20 bucks. 

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

Here is what all of the products look like before you put it all together (ignore the extra foam board).

List of all products needed for this project:
-print (24”x36”)
-poster board (32”x40”)
-frame (24”x36”)
-utility knife
-hammer & nails

Once you have everything in hand, here goes the easy part–assembly. Unroll your print & roll it up from both sides so you can find the middle, peel the sticky paper from the foam board, and place the middle of the poster in the middle of the foam board, slowly but surely spread out, trying to avoid air bubbles. I recommend using a credit card gently to press down your print to the poster, so you can apply it evenly and avoid air bubbles.

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

Once your poster is applied to foam board, cut the edges of the extra foam board to where it’s just the photo, and pop that baby into that frame & wa-lah! You’re done. You can add a frame hanger to the back of the frame if you want. For me, I just nailed two nails into the top two corners of the poster so it would hang the frame & ensure the photo stays in place at the same time. 

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

My favorite thing about this is how cheap it is, so if I get bored with the picture I can replace it as many times I want for around $5 bucks. 

Rachel McGinn | Western Runway

I hope y’all enjoyed this easy & cheap DIY statement piece! The total cost of my project was around $35 dollars for a framed 24×36” photo. 



Header Photo: Theresa Sherron
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Rachel McGinn is a rancher, wife, & mom to twin boys. She enjoys the mountains, spending time with family, a good steak, and creating new things, whether it be leather goods, home designs, or creating new memories with her kids. She looks forward to living out her life underneath the West Texas stars. Rachel serves as Western Runway’s Cheif Lifestyle Contributor, sharing all things interior design, life as a ranch mom, and fashion!