Make a Statement but Don’t Over Think It.

It’s SO easy to overthink the makeup process and how to achieve a certain look when it comes to it. Whether it’s something as easy as blush or as dramatic as winged eyeliner – it is just makeup!

I know, easy to say. But one of my favorite ways to create a bolder look when it comes to eyeshadow is using a technique I like to call “building”, a simple time-saving eyeshadow hack.

Whether it’s with blue eyeshadow, black eyeshadow or something more bronzy for a neutral toned look – you can use this exact same technique to not only create a more dramatic look, but to also create dimension of the eye with the shadow of your choice making it look like you’ve blended, smoked, packed and created a look straight from the YouTube Makeup God’s.

First, decide the statement you are trying to make. Like I mentioned above, are you going for a pop of color? Are you going for something as dramatic as black? Or are you just wanting to make your day look something more? This is where you will determine your eyeshadow color, and best part? You only need one. Yes, only one color for this creation. The Wild West palette by Urban Decay has not only made its appearance in the western lifestyle world but it has the perfect array of colors to choose from when it comes to creating different looks as well. Everything from a subtle bronze shade to pops of blue and deep greys – this is the palette you’ll find me most often playing around with for this exact reason. Shade “Ghost Town” is the color you see in my look below

Now for the proper eyeshadow brush – the exact brush I use for this is the Morphe M456 Mini Firm Blending Brush because you can blend as well as pack product, and it tapers to the perfect point that allows you to blend your product into the crease of your eyelid.

I always apply my foundation and base to my look first, but I know some people like to start with eyeshadow – if this is you, be sure to prime and set your eyes with primer and setting powder so you have a smooth canvas to apply your shadow. This will also allow you to blend your color without any blotching!

With your brush, dip it into your eyeshadow straight up & down, concentrating the product on the tip of the brush. You don’t want product deep into the bristles because you want to have control of where you are placing it on your eyelid and where you are blending it. Too much product can cause fall out on your face which can be hard to clean up – especially if you already have laid your foundation and concealer down! With your brush now packed with product, you want to pack the powder on the outside corner of your lid and slowly blend it out towards your inner corner. The video attached shows you exactly how to pack and blend out the color – creating dimension and shading, with just one color.

Now play around with it! Start with just a small amount of product and apply lightly so you can build and darken to your liking. Add a pop of highlight to the inner corner or throw on a liquid liner, this is the beauty of makeup in general too.

Why I do this & why I recommend it

Because it really is as simple as that – this is the biggest time saving hack in the history of eyeshadow application techniques ever AND it’s the least intimidating way to apply a dimensional look without cut creases, several different shades of similar colors and a handful of brushes. Anyone can practice this at home with any color and brush. Even using your bronzer you can still create this look!

I never want makeup to be an overwhelming task for anyone – it should be fun to play around and explore different looks and techniques that not only save you time and money in the long run, but also give you a look that you are confident in creating and wearing. Eyeshadow can be very taboo when you open a palette and see an array of colors and tones, and even textures, that you may not be familiar with. This is why I resort to my “blending” technique for not only most of my looks, but for clients I am applying looks to as well.