Hats with a Fashionable Spin: Western Runway Report

Charlie 1 Horse | Western Runway

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Western Runway Report! We’re the team behind Western Runway magazine—Ashley Alderson and Tiffany Cooper! We’re missing our other counterpart Jessie today but she’ll be back with us on Wednesday. 

We’re so happy to have you! In case you’re just joining us for the first time today, the purpose of this segment is to celebrate western fashion (for both men and women), guide you through some of life’s apparel challenges, and hopefully, teach you a couple of things you may not have known! At the end of each day’s segment, we’ll also have a big giveaway that you can enter—so even if western fashion isn’t your thing, that’s reason enough to keep watching! 

Today we’ve got three different cowboy hats that we want to show you, all of which are from the Resistol and Charlie 1 Horse brands. 

Resistol is the only hat company to make hats from “fur to finish”. That means that they start with a bale of raw fur, and after over 200 steps, are able to produce a finished hat. Because they build their own hat bodies, rather than purchasing bodies, Resistol is able to 100% guarantee the quality of the hat that they produce.

This first hat we’re going to show off is the Willow Bend. This is a 30x hat in the color sage, which is a really pretty green color. Most people are probably shaking their heads at a green cowboy hat, but it’s a very subtle color change, from those traditional browns and black we’re so familiar with. This would make a really good arena/ranch hat, or even a fashion hat! 

Speaking of fashion hats, next up we’ve got the Charlie 1 Horse High Desert hat. This hat comes in both brown and black, and it has quickly become the most-popular fashion hat that Charlie 1 Horse sells. This flat brim is a very popular hat style both in and out of the western industry, especially in crossover fashion, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much. 

Today we’ve definitely saved the best for last, and we actually get to debut one of Resistol’s newest hats, in a finish that we can guarantee you’ve never seen before. This is the Slick. This hat is left with a longer hair finish, somewhere in between a traditional hat and a grizzly style hat. They use a technique that combs the hair down in a silky pattern that gives it this shiny, almost metallic look. We’re really loving this new style, and can’t wait to see it on some folks! 

Resistol | Western Runway

All of these hats that we’ve shown you can be purchased in the Resistol booth, here at Las Vegas Convention Center. So if you’re in Vegas, make sure to stop by and grab yourself a new hat! 

Today’s giveaway is for two of the hats we’ve shown you from the Resistol and Charlie 1 Horse brand! We’re giving away this 30x Willow Bend in Sage, and the Charlie 1 Horse High Desert.  You have 24 hours to enter, and we’ll be announcing the winner for this, and all of our Western Runway Report Giveaways on December 16! 

Thanks for tuning in to today’s Western Runway Report! You can catch us back here for tomorrow’s segment on all things jewelry, belts and bags!!