Cowboy Hat 101: Western Runway Report

American Hat Co | Western Runway

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Western Runway Report—the first of what will be ten fashion segments here on Western Sports Roundup! We’re the team behind Western Runway magazine—Ashley Alderson, Tiffany Cooper and Jessie Jarvis. Throughout the next ten days you’ll be seeing quite a bit of us, as we put a fashionable spin on what you normally watch here on Western Sports Roundup. 

The purpose of this segment is to celebrate western fashion (for both men and women), guide you through some of life’s apparel challenges, and hopefully, teach you a couple of things you may not have known! At the end of each day’s segment, we’ll also have a big giveaway that you can enter—so even if western fashion isn’t your thing, that’s reason enough to keep watching! 

Today we’re going to be talking all things cowboy hats! 

– When it comes to hats, the box it comes in is actually the best way to store a hat, because you can put it in the box, crown-side down! 

– -If you’ve got a hat that’s a little bit too big, instead of using paper towels or foam, grab a piece of 2” masking tape, flip down the hat, and attach half of the tape to the inside of the band, and half of the tape to your hat. The tape acts as a filler than brings the band to your head, and won’t absorb any sweat or alter the shape of your crown.

– If you need to remove lint or hair, especially on a dark-colored hat, you can lightly use a piece of tape or a lint roller. 

– If you have a hat you only wear for special occasions and it gets a bit dusty in between wears, the best way to get that dust off is by wiping with a damp cloth—just make sure the cloth isn’t too wet and that you’re using a light cloth on a light hat and a dark cloth on a dark hat. 

– For smudges and stains, use a specially formulated hat cleaner, which is something you can find at almost any hat retailer. You can often find that in a kit that also comes with a hat sponge and brush, which makes the perfect stocking stuffer this time of year!  

– All cowboys and ranchers get into a little grease every now and then, so if you do get a grease stain on your hat, cornstarch can usually remove it! Rub a little cornstarch into the stain and then brush it off.

Now we’ve got two NEW hats to show you. Both of these are from our friends at American Hat Company, and they’re a spin-off of the classic black cowboy hat. Black is by far the top-selling color for felt hats, but the newest colors put a subtle spin on that timeless staple for those that wish to set themselves apart while still remaining tried and true. 

This first one we’ve got to show you is called Black Cherry. It looks like a traditional black hat, but it has a red undertone that’s only really noticeable if you’re outside or in a place with good lighting. 

This next hat is in the color Midnight Blue. It too looks like a black hat, but this one has a blue undertone. It’s probably a bit more noticeable than its Black Cherry counterpart, but its still a great option for all you black hat lovers!  

Both of these come up to a 4.5” brim and are available in a 40x or a 200x. The folks at American told us that they’re adding these colors in more X/quality options in 2020! 

American Hat Co | Western Runway

Speaking of 40x hats, today’s giveaway is for a 40x American Hat, from our friends at American Hat Company & Best Hat Store in the Fort Worth Stockyards! Whether you’re local to the Fort Worth area or not you should still enter, because the folks at Best Hat Store are incredibly talented and can whip you up whatever you want, and get it shipped right to you! 

You have 24 hours to enter, and we’ll be announcing the winner for this, and all of our Western Runway Report Giveaways on December 16!


Thanks for tuning in to today’s Western Runway Report! You can catch us back here for tomorrow’s “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” segment!

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