2019 Issue of Western Runway

Jena Knowles | Western Runway

As I was powering through putting the finishing touches on this year’s issue of Western Runway, I decided I needed to change things up, including my playlist. One of the first songs to pop up was “Redesigning Women” by The Highwomen. It’s a song I have listened to for the better part of 2019, often smiling at the sharply-written verses; but this time the lyrics took on a new meaning. 

“Full time living on a half time schedule
Always tryna make everybody feel special
Learning when to brake and when to hit the pedal
Working hard to look good ’til we die.

A critical reason there’s a population
Raising our brows at a new generation
Rosie the Riveter with renovations
And always gets better with wine.

Redesigning women
Running the world while we’re cleaning up the kitchen
Making bank, shaking hands, driving 80
Tryna get home just to feed the baby
Skipping the bread for the butter
Changing our minds like we change our hair color
Yeah, ever since the beginning
We’ve been redesigning women.”

Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris and Amanda Shirts, are the female forces behind the iconic group. They each individually write and sing incredibly on their own; however, the four powerhouses have been able to create a new version of magic, just by banding together with one another. 

The same happens to us. When we come together, women as one, to work for a common goal, that is when the magic happens. Western Runway itself is a product of three women who all did things on their own, but came together to create something; and let me tell you, our “little Las Vegas shopping guide” has morphed into far more than we ever could have imagined. For our industry specifically, we are seeing a trend where women are rising to the occasion, and choosing to lift their fellow sisters and friends up in an incredible way, rather than tearing them down. We could not be more excited for this, because our western industry will only continue to survive if we work together as one. 

Those lyrics also reminded me of the women we feature in the pages of this magazine, and how they miraculously handle all that their lives entail. Inside this year’s issue, you will find features on Jena Knowles, Jessica Routier, sisters Brenna Byler Smidt and Lynette Byler Parrott, Shelly Patterson, and 2019 Miss Rodeo America Taylor McNair. They are the kind of women who cheer for others, and know that they do not need to dim another just to make their own light shine brighter. They are, without a doubt, the type of women that we want to celebrate, and see more of in this world.

This year we have worked to create our own western version of what The Highwomen have done, forging a special partnership with The Cowboy Channel. However, the only singing we will be doing is singing the praise of western women and western fashion—bringing more coverage to the two than ever before. Every day, December 5-15, we’ll be filming a Western Runway Report on Western Sports Roundup, hosted by Amy Wilson and Steve Kenyon. Together, we will also be presenting a Rodeo Red Carpet out in front of the Thomas & Mack Center, prior to the start of the rodeo. The Rodeo Red Carpet will be held next to The Cowboy Channel Stage, where the Rodeo Las Vegas Pre-Show is filmed. From the Red Carpet, we will be interviewing rodeo-goers as they come through, taking photos, and showing the world that western women are a fashionable force to be reckoned with.

We are so incredibly eager to touch down in Vegas, see all of our incredible readers, celebrate western fashion, and showcase the power of the western woman. We hope to see you there! 

Jena Knowles | Western Runway

Without further ado, here is the 2019 issue of Western Runway!
Read your heart out, fashionista!

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